marraige within communities

There was an item in THENEWS MINUTE that marriage within community would be increasing infertility. I am all for love and marriage according to one wishes whether inter or intra communities.  But  it is not clear in which scientific journal the research work is published.   In arranged marriages there are  some advantages in marrying within the same “social circles”. The young bride will be more comfortable with the known habits and rituals in the environment of in-laws and will be able to adjust quickly .   Of course there are cases Indian boys marrying European or American women  successfully but they were not arranged marriages.  Atleast in India for the past 2000 years marriages have been  within communities and till last century there appears to be no infertility problem. The couples  had six to ten children. Only recently the couples of arranged marriages are having fewer children more for economic  reasons.   So scientific discussions  are necessary in the above research work.

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