We had enough of strong heads of Indian government.  Indra Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi and Narendra Modi.   We also experienced coalition governments, those of  Janata dal, Gujaral, Gowda and even Manmohn Singh and Vajpayee.    The strong leaders only provoke strong feeling both FOR and AGAINST them.  They are likely to take unilateral decisions without consulting either the Cabinet or the experts or the general society and the decisions are not invariably good for the society.  I do not think strong governments are even efficient governments in a democracy. Strong governments may be efficient in dictatorships and you can mostly expect violence and perhaps assassinations.   It is better to have weak governance than efficient governance.  There would be less chance of big mistakes. Any country, particularly India is a complex country and in any society that changes can be effected only slowly.  There cannot be revolutions.  Revolutions only lead to dissonance but not great benefits to the society. The reactions to revolution are going back to pre-revolution governance which is worse. Indian society is not a unitary society but consists of many cultures, religions and beliefs (even within a religion).  That is why I am ready to put up with less efficient coalition governments consisting of large number of parties of sub-societies and sub-cultures.  May happen that a corrupt party which is part of the coalition may threaten the government but  if any complaint of corruption or wrong-doing is looked into by a LOKPAL  this may be  to some extent controlled. If the complaint is false the complaining unit must be punished. Action by Lokpal  should be time bound (maximum one year). No solution can be fool proof for all time.

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