concept of winning party in elections

During the ensuing General Elections in India in April-May 2019 I am always amused at the public expressions of not only politicians but also the intellectuals, journalists and TV fraternity and the general public.  They are excited as if the function is like marriage or death has occurred in their families.  For an individual this is a simple operation of choosing a person or a political party whom one likes.    That is why I do not believe in the concept of “winning party” and advice given to the public to vote for the winning party “so that the vote is not wasted”.  If I vote for an individual or a party and even if she or the party do not win how is the vote wasted.  It will be revealed the number of voters supporting that party or individual, so that in the course of years this individual or party increase  ( or decrease)  her or its influence in the political field.  So i suggest to all voters to vote for the individual or party who are better of the lot in their view, even if the chance of that party winning is low.


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