I live in India. I am moderately hearing deficient. I view TV with a headphone so that I can clearly hear the audio.  For some time I am viewing BBC World and CNN international.  I prefer CNN because the audio is very clear, with NEUTRAL  accent and also loud enough for understanding what the commentators talk. They talk with open mouth. On the other hand I find that it is difficult to clearly understand the audio in BBC World.  The news readers and the commentators talk with clipped and probably heavy local  accent and speak with almost closed mouth. The worst offenders are the second generation of immigrants to England who seem to think that they should talk with classical British accent ( I presume it is British accent as I have never lived in England wales, Scotland or Ireland.).  These immigrants’ children seem to impress that they are more English than the English. Sometime I do  not clearly hear even their names, though I should be familiar with the names..

This is my personal view. Perhaps this may be due to some problem in my hearing. Because of these accent problem (particularly in conversation) in Indian TV channels movies and other programmes in English do have English sub titles which are very essential for those who are not familiar with England’s or American accents but have done English as second or third language.


BBC world should not take this as  a complaint but look into the problem particularly with Non-English nations and change if necessary. Remember “world” is the operative word in BBC World just “international” is operative word in CNN international.


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